Announcements for Athletes

All courses at HBA are approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

The NCAA Eligibility Center will determine if you meet the academic qualifications to play college sports. Even if you are admitted into a university and are recruited by their coaches, you will not be able to play sports in college if you have not met the NCAA requirements. You must take a certain number of core academic courses and each course must be taken at an NCAA approved school. No on-line or independent study courses will be accepted to fulfill these requirements. If you are considering playing college sports at the Division I or II level, you need to educate yourself as early as possible about the academic requirements. If you attend a school other than High Bluff, don’t assume that your counselor knows that you are planning to attend college as an athlete. Prior to senior year, make an appointment with your counselor to review your transcript for NCAA requirements. Be proactive and learn as much as you can about the process.

Courses that are accepted by C.S.U. and U.C. might not be accepted by NCAA. If you are not sure, check your school’s course list on the NCAA website.

NCAA will not accept on-line courses, even those provided at your school.

Academic requirements are more stringent for Division I than for Divisions II and III.

NCAA requires more academic courses than the minimum at most colleges.

Announcements for AthletesHere’s What You Need To Do:

  1. Register at NCAA Eligibility Center.
  2. Check you high school’s NCAA list of courses.
  3. Fill out the NCAA Eligibility Worksheet.
  4. Print out and read the NCAA Guide for Athletes.

Keep all of this information in a binder and refer to it often.

Is it too late for a senior to add an NCAA course this year?

No. All High Bluff Academy courses are NCAA approved and can be started any time during the school year. It is never too late to get help at HBA. Just call us for answers to any of your NCAA questions.