Mathematics at HBA

Many high school students feel ill-prepared for advanced levels of math in high school even though they may have done well in middle school math. These higher level classes require a combination of  mental processes including reasoning, concept formation, mental processing speed, long-term and working memory and attention. In addition, good reading skills are necessary. Thus, all parts of the brain are engaged and must communicate smoothly to master higher-level math skills. Our teachers at HBA are experts in teaching these skills to learners of all ability levels. They know how to break down complex ideas and communicate them in a manner that students understand. They realize that students don’t always retain information from previous courses, so they review the basics and build on the student’s existing knowledge and experience. Our math courses have a maximum class size of 8 students.  Students may enroll any time during the school year for our one-on-one math classes.

Ted Talk with Khan Academy founder and CEO, Sal Khan, explains the importance of teaching Mathematics to a mastery level. At High Bluff Academy students in our one-on-one math classes have to demonstrate mastery of material before moving on to the next concept.

Course Descriptions

Courses offered:

New common core math classes:

  • Integrated Math 1 (replaces Algebra 1)
  • Integrated Math 2 (replaces Geometry)
  • Integrated Math 3 (replaces Algebra 2)
  • Honors Integrated Math 1
  • Honors Integrated Math 2
  • Honors Integrated Math 3 (unweighted)