U.C. A-G List

What is the U.C. A-G List?

California is the only state in the U.S. whose university system requires every high school course to be pre-approved. The University of California Office of the President ( maintains a course list for every accredited high school in the state – both public and private. The A – G refers to the letters it assigns to each subject area required for college admission:

A – History / Social Science
B – English
C – Math
D – Laboratory Science
E – Language Other than English
F – Visual and Performing Arts
G – College Prep Elective

Not all classes offered in high school are on this list. Many career and technical courses, physical education, support classes, ESL and some other electives are not considered “college prep” by U.C. Most high schools will designate their college prep classes on your transcript with a “P” or “CP”. These are the only courses that they will calculate in your GPA. Students applying to U.C and California State Colleges (CSU) must fulfill the requirements of the A-G list.

What about private universities and out-of-state colleges?

No other universities use this system other than U.C. and C.S.U.

High Bluff Academy maintains an approved course list with U.C. which is updated annually. When students apply to college these courses will appear on the on-line application. If you have questions when filling out your applications, please feel free to call us for help. For more information about the U.C. A-G list, please visit their site.